EasyHeat Roof and Gutter De-Icing and Pipe Heating Systems

We hope you're reading this before your pipes freeze, and before ice has damaged your home or business.  Either way, installing an EasyHeat roof de-icing kit or pipe heating cable can help prevent problems that come with cold, winter weather.

easyhe1The EasyHeat ADKS system prevents water and ice damage by providing a clear path for melting water.  Kits are available in 20’/100 Watts to 240’/1200 watts, and include the appropriate number of roof clips and cable spacers.  Don’t know how much you need?  Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

It’s also a good time to install an EasyHeat AHB Series pipe heating cable to keep your water supply pipes and drains clear and safe from damage.  The AHB systems includes a built in thermostat to provide heat only when needed, and an illuminated plug to let you know the system is powered.  Suitable for rigid plastic and metal pipes, the weather resistant, PVC jacketed cables are available in lengths from 3’ to 80’.  The system installs quickly and keeps water flowing all winter long.