Falcone Electric - Your National Grid Energy Solutions Leader

Falcone Electric is proud to be a National Grid Energy Services Leader.  We have worked with National Grid and our mutual customers to bring energy savings solutions to several businesses.  Replacing existing and outdated lighting helps revitalize your atmosphere and save you money on your energy bill.  Rebates are available for replacement of interior and exterior lighting, helping add to a rapid return on your investment.


We have a variety of ideas and solutions for LED and fluorescent light fixtures and bulbs, and can provide the right type of energy efficient lighting for your facility, whether you’re a small commercial businesses or one of Western New York’s largest facilities.   We’ll work with you and assist with the application process.

You CAN upgrade your lighting and work with suppliers and contractors you know and trust!

Contact us for details!

We’re also familiar with programs in NYSEG and RG&E service areas, as well as NYSERDA incentives for existing and new construction.