It’s Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Falcone Electric sells generators in Batavia, NY

Do you have a backup power supply in case your power goes out in Batavia, NY? A trustworthy generator is important to have standing by at your home, office or farm, so you can continue your normal routine during a power outage. Falcone Electric sells Siemens, Generac and Briggs & Stratton brand generators and parts.

The Batavia, NY area has been trusting us for quality electrical supplies since 1945. Stop by today to see our full selection.

When the power fails, you need a backup

When extreme weather hits, power outages are always a possibility. Generators allow you to keep your home functioning properly when the power goes out. Count on Falcone Electric for generator supplies so you can continue to do these things during a power outage:

  • Cook
  • Keep the food in your fridge cold
  • Charge electronics
  • Watch TV
  • Turn on the lights in your home

Safeguard your home and protect your family when the power fails in Batavia, NY. Call now to learn more about our selection of generators.