What is a vacancy sensor? | Falcone Electric

I know what an occupancy sensor is, but what's a vacancy sensor?

An occupancy sensor turns the lights on when you enter the room.  We know that.  We also know that we don't always want the light to go on in the room if we're just walking through for a moment.  Sometimes the occupancy sensor can be a nuisance.

But what if you want to be sure the light goes OFF after you turned it on?  Let's say there's a small room, such as a supply closet, a basement storage room, or an interior room no windows.  How about the kids' rooms at home, or the foyer??  This is where an vacancy sensor comes in handy.

A vacancy sensor helps you save even more energy than an occupancy, in some ways, because you manually turn the lights on only when you want them to be on, and you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn them off.

Falcone Electric carries occupancy and vacancy sensors from Lutron, Watt Stopper and P&S for any residential and commercial applications you might have.  We can also help you decide which type of sensor is right for your application - occupancy, vacancy, ceiling or wall mounted, wired or wireless.

By the way, an occupancy or vacancy sensor can be a good "honey do" item on the Christmas list.  Check back for more gift ideas soon!  Also, let us know you saww this article when you come in.